Blvd 16 Offers Tasting Menu to L.A. Restaurant Workers

Simon Dolinky: Paying his peers forward
Simon Dolinky: Paying his peers forward Photo: Blvd 16

To restore the energy of L.A.’s chefs, servers, and bartenders after the frenzy of dineLA Restaurant Week(s), chef Simon Dolinky is offering “Industry Week” at Westwood’s Blvd 16, with an affordable three-course tasting menu for anyone working in the restaurant business. Held from February 9th-14th, the seasonal restaurant will charge industry pros $24 to sample this debut of dishes from the new winter menu.

The menu is broken up into three categories, including a “Light and Raw” section with Meyer Lemon-cured sardines, balsamic, slow cooked spuds, and parmesan, as well as a “Comforting” category with a pork tenderloin, and an “Indulgent” section for dessert. Naturally you’re going to need proof that you really are the person frying those chips at La Salsa, but seeing as “food journalists” are also invited to dine on discount with Dolinky, maybe starting a blog would be just easier. Blvd 16’s full “Industry Week” menu is below.

Blvd 16’s “Industry Week” Tasting Menu
$24 with proof of employment in the restaurant business
Reservations: 310-474-7765

Light and Raw
Meyer Lemon-Cured Sardines with Slow Cooked Potato, Balsamic Reduction, and Parmesan Cheese


Fennel and Peppercorn Duroc Pork Tenderloin with Confit Onions, Sunchoke Puree and Kumquat Compote

Spiced Pan Perdu with Apple Chutney and Crème Fraiche Ice Cream.

Update: Dolinky plans to add more dishes under each category in the tasting menu. Look for an update.

Blvd 16 Offers Tasting Menu to L.A. Restaurant Workers