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Basis Foods Stocks Your Office Fridge the CSA Way

Basis, the fledgling food distributor, started out by connecting small and midsize regional farms to sustainably minded local restaurants, and plans to open its own retail shop this spring in the meatpacking district. Next week, it launches a delivery program that’s something like a cross between CSA and FreshDirect — but presumably without a truck idling outside spewing fumes. Unlike participants in community-supported agriculture programs who have to travel to drop-off points to collect their weekly haul, Basis’s “Good Food to You” service can get their “100 percent traceable” staples delivered straight to their home or office (with a five-person minimum). Also unlike a local CSA, which might be restricted to turnips and storage apples and celeriac this time of year, Basis draws from as far afield as Florida and California for citrus, part of a winter fruit package that also includes New York State apples and pears. Also available: vegetables (roots and greens, plus Florida tomatoes), glass-bottle milk, free-range eggs, and honey. For more details, see the release, below.

With the New Year comes a new beginning! Next week we are launching our new home and office delivery service, Good Food to You. What better time than 2010 to start eating good food at a great price. As always, all the food that we source comes from small to mid-sized family farms and is traditional, localized and 100% traceable.

At Basis our motto is: good food for all! Now you can get 100% traceable farmers’ market food delivered directly to your home or office, at prices that are often lower than commodity factory “farm” fare at the supermarket.

Choose what you want, how often you want it delivered, and we take care of the rest! Here are some examples of the great values we are supplying this month:

* Fruit bags for individuals, families, or offices with apples and pears from local New York family farms, as well as citrus and tropical fruits from our family farms in Florida and California (starting at $19/week).
* Produce bags for individuals or families with a seasonal selection of local root cellar items, as well as fresh baby mixed greens, eggplant, tomatoes and other items supplied by our family farms in Florida until the weather warms up closer to home (starting at $19/week).
* Farmstead milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, NY delivered in a returnable glass bottle ($2.00/quart).
* Free range eggs from Feather Ridge Farm in Columbia County, NY ($3.50/dozen).
* Honey from Stockin’ Apiaries in Strasburg, PA ($4.50/8 oz jar).
* …and lots of other great food at affordable prices from our more than 50 family farms!

It’s easy to get started with Good Food to You! Basis can deliver to offices or apartments with as few as five interested people. If you can’t find enough neighbors or co-workers don’t worry! We can work with you to try and find others in your area and find a communal place for deliveries.

When you sign up, you can select from a continually updated range of products and have them delivered weekly or bi-weekly. You can also place your deliveries on hold at any time. This gives you the control to order as much or as little as YOU want.

Interested? Click here to sign up with Good Food to You and start receiving weekly deliveries of good food from over 50 small and mid-size family farms!

For more information about Basis and our mission of good food for all you can visit our website at:

All of us at Basis & Basis Farm to Chef

Please note: Delivery fee for Good Food to You varies between $3.50 and $7.50 depending on delivery location and number of people ordering.

Save up to $100
We are offering up to $100 in free food for referrals of as many as 10 of your friends, neighbors, co-workers…or even complete strangers…who sign up for Good Food to You. You will earn $10 in free food for each person you refer to the program who signs up for at least a four (4) week produce or fruit box subscription. Feel free to forward this offer to other people at your apartment building, office, community center, school, or anywhere else and ask them to list you in the ‘Referred By’ field to ensure you receive credit for the referral. Note: You will be credited with your $10 in free food for each person you refer within one (1) week after they become a paying member of the program and receive their first delivery.

Offer Expires: March 15, 2010

Basis Good Food to You!

Basis Foods Stocks Your Office Fridge the CSA Way