Asian Carp to be Sold as ‘Silverfin’; Kraft to Buy Cadbury

• The state of Louisiana (perhaps taking the Reader’s advice) has authorized the retail sale of Asian Carp under the new name “Silverfin.” [NPR]

• Wing fans lined up for the Monday grand opening of Buffalo Wild Wings in Willowbrook starting at 5:30 a.m. the day before. [The Stew]

• Kraft will buy Cadbury for 19 billion dollars. [NYP]

• Sam Talbot has separated from his wife and is rumored to be seeing Kelly Bensimon. [NYP]

• In an effort to combat alcoholism, British officials have banned drinking games in pubs and may institute mandatory minimum prices on alcohol. [WSJ]

• Mariah Carey will soon launch her own brand of rose called Angel Champagne. [NYDN]

• Starbucks has raised prices on every drink except drip coffee. [NYP]

• Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio are producing a documentary about hunger in America, co-directed by Colicchio’s wife Lori Silverbush. [Daily Dish/LAT]

• California’s Huntington Meat Packing has recalled 864,000 pounds of ground beef due to E. coli fears. [Reuters]

• Gordon Ramsay will start Tweeting on February 1. [Monsters & Critics]

Asian Carp to be Sold as ‘Silverfin’; Kraft to Buy Cadbury