Aquitaine Cited; Buy a House at the Grocery Store

Aquitaine was cited by the Boston Licensing Board for piling chairs in front of an emergency exit. [Universal Hub]

• ReMax will open miniature real estate offices in Stop & Shops. [Herald]

• The Massachusetts House will consider a bill requiring healthy food in schools this week. [Brookline TAB]

• The worlds of food and yoga are increasingly intersecting, with meals being served at yoga studios and yoga being done at restaurants. [NYT]

• Growlers are “the beer accessory of the moment.” [NYT]

• Airport eateries are seeing a boost in business, thanks to customers arriving at the airport earlier in case of long lines at security. [NYDN]

• Whole Foods will soon begin offering steeper employee discounts to workers with healthy BMIs. [NYDN]

• McDonald’s has introduced a new line of “McItaly” sandwiches and salads in its Italian locations, including a burger topped with olive oil, onion, and smoked pancetta. [The World Newser/ABC]

• Legendary French restaurants La Tour d’Argent and Tallivent have each passed on to their third generation of owners. [NYT]

• Target announced yesterday that it would no longer sell farmed salmon. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Bud Light will retire its “Drinkability” ad campaign during the Super Bowl in favor of something funnier. [WSJ]

Next Iron Chef contestant Eric Greenspan also appeared on The Millionaire Matchmaker. [Daily Dish/LAT]

Aquitaine Cited; Buy a House at the Grocery Store