A Hangover-Free Buzz; Tough Times for Strawberries

• A former British drug czar has created a substance that mimics the feeling of being drunk without causing a hangover. [Daily Mail UK via Awl]

• Florida’s unusually cold winter could be bad news for the nation’s supply of winter strawberries. [NYT]

• A 14-month-old baby in China is surprisingly healthy after sticking a chopstick up his nose and into his skull. [CNN]

• Rachael Ray will serve as the grand marshal of the Fat Tuesday Krewe of Argus parade in New Orleans. [Nola]

• The Street Sweets truck is being forced to change its name for reasons unknown. [Midtown Lunch]

• The FDA seized a million dollars’ worth of food from a Tennessee Chinese-food warehouse after finding “rodent excrement, urine, hair and blood” during an inspection. [Nashville Post]

• A Kansas City woman did thousands of dollars in damage to a McDonald’s after being served an unsatisfactory hamburger. [Fox via Eater National]

A Hangover-Free Buzz; Tough Times for Strawberries