40 Oz. to Culver City: Wilson Becoming Sublime

Sublime will make their own bresaola
Sublime will make their own bresaola Photo: Snowpea&BokChoi via Flickr

Just as the former Sublime had an Eric Wilson, the former Wilson now has a Sublime. Chef Randall Rosa has teamed up with Mike Neufeld of Manhattan Beach’s departed Chakra and another partner to turn Culver City’s Wilson space into Sublime Food Lounge, building it with their bare hands, Squid Ink reports.

The team will make their own charcuterie and hopes to be a “culinary social lounge” where people from the neighborhood will feel comfortable and linger over small plates of in-house “Kobe sake salami and wild boar rillette with cherry gelee and roasted acorns,” cocktails, wine and draft beer. Paninis and flatbreads are planned on a scaled down lunch menu while a late-night menu will reprise happy hour prices. The cuisine conjures tapas-inspired, chef-obsessive ingredients, and international influence in-house or specifically sourced. We’re hoping for a sort of unofficial Lazy Ox West stand-in here, that is if there could ever be more than one Centeno in existence. Look for an opening on February 10th. Sublime Food Lounge. 8631 Washington Blvd., Culver City.

First Glance: Wilson Space Turning Into Sublime Food Lounge [Squid Ink]

40 Oz. to Culver City: Wilson Becoming Sublime