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Will Wine Snobs Turn to Gary Vaynerchuk?

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s “in-your-face approach is free of any note of wine snobbery,” says Serena Altschul in a profile of the online wine guru on Sunday Morning yesterday. Vaynerchuk suggests several tips to better enjoy wine, including “let your reds breathe.” Don’t snicker. We just broke the news to a relative over Christmas that you don’t have to refrigerate reds and that they only keep for a few days.

Vaynerchuk may be gaining a foothold, especially now that Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher will no longer write their Journal column, “Tastings.” In their farewell column, Gaiter and Brecher wrote of an approach to wine that may surpass Vaynerchuk in eloquence, but not differ so much in substance:

By allowing other people to ridicule any wine you like or criticize the way you enjoy it, or by allowing others to decide for you what is and is not a fine wine, you are genuinely missing the point of wine, which is this: Your enjoyment of any wine is an extension of yourself, your emotions, your experiences, and your circumstances when you drink it.

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Will Wine Snobs Turn to Gary Vaynerchuk?