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Where to Get Your Cheap Dungeness

Photo: Helen Rosner

It’s that lovely time of the Dungeness season when crab production has found its rhythm and the markets have to drop prices to keep their stock moving. A thread on Chowhound today has a rumor of live crabs for $2 per pound at Sun Hop Fat in Oakland, but apparently the line is insane. We made a few phone calls to see what prices are like at a several locations in San Francisco. Our conclusion: If you shop smart in the 415, you only save a buck or so per pound by heading over the Bay Bridge. Check out or snapshot of the market prices below.

Sun Fat Seafood Co., 2687 Mission St, nr. 23rd St. (415) 282-9339
$2.99 live, $3.99 cooked.

Mission Market, 2590 Mission St., nr. 22nd St. (415) 282-3331‎
$4.49 live, $5.49 cooked

San Francisco Fish Co., 1 Ferry Building, Suite 31 (415) 399-1111
$5.99 live, $6.99 cooked

Pier Market, 103 Pier 39, (415) 989-7437
$14.75 each cooked (no live)

Alioto-Lazio Fish and Crab Company, 440 Jefferson St. nr. Leavenworth St (888) 673-5868
$4.50 live $5.00 cooked

Wing Hing Seafood Market, 633 Clement St., nr. Seventh Ave. (415) 668-8986
$3.66 live (no cooked)

Sunset Supermarket, 2425 Irving St., nr. 25th Ave. (415) 682-3738
$3.49 per pound for crabs weighing two pounds or more, $2.99 for those weighing less than two pounds. No cooked.

Where to Get Your Cheap Dungeness