What to Eat at Avenida, Opening December 17

Avenida, the long-delayed restaurant from husband and wife chef team Edgar and Kim Alvarez, will open this Thursday in the historic Cresheim Cottage building in Mount Airy. For now, it’s BYOB, as the liquor license has been held up in PLCB limbo, but eventually there will be tequilas and specialty cocktails. Click through to see the Guatemalan-inspired menu, with all dishes coming in under $20.

Avenida Menu

Soups and Salads

Black Bean soup with crema 6
El Biche (Ecuadorian bouillabaisse) 9
The Latin Wedge with fried green tomatoes, red onion, cotija lime vinaigrette 7
Caesar Salad with masa chili croutons, fried capers 7


Queso fondido with black beans, chorizo, roasted poblanos 8
Mole glazed spare ribs with corn fritters, roasted pepper chipotle cream 9
Grilled octopus with tequila roasted tomatoes, garlic, hoja santé, avocado 9
Fried Calamari, onions, jalapenos with smoked tomato tomatillo sauce 8
Ceviche of the day 8
Crispy tortillas chips with guacamole and dos salsas 6


Flat iron steak with chimichurri, roasted potatoes, grilled scallions 17
Roasted Chicken Mishote with leeks, peas, green beans, carrots 16
Pepita and pistachio crusted tuna with chirmol, steamed rice 19
Vegetarian tamale with eggplant, tomato olive recado, spinach pastel 14
Pork Pibil with green mole, zucchini cheese pudding 16
Ancho chili dusted duck breast with canela sweet potatoes, sautéed watercress 19
Seared Red Snapper with tomatillo salsa, sautéed vegetables, Spanish rice 18
Achiote grilled shrimp and scallops with fava beans, chayote, quinoa 19

Dessert Menu

Coconut Tres Leches, lime sorbet, cilantro syrup 6
Ancho Brownie Sundae, chocolate ice cream, cajeta, chocolate sauce 6
Mango Upside Down Cake, caramel swirl ice cream 6
Cinnamon Crepes, roasted bananas and rum syrup 6
Chocolate Dulce de Leche Tart, Nutella semifrio 6
Kahlua Natilla, Mexican wedding cookies 6
Apple Canela Crisp, vanilla ice cream 6
Kid’s Brownie Sundae 5
Kid’s Ice Cream 4

Bar Menu

Caesar Salad with masa croutons and fried capers 7
Black Bean soup with crema 6
Cheese, chicken, or vegetable 6
Steak, chorizo or vegetarian chorizo 7
Avenida Tacos (3 per order)
Cheese, chicken or vegetarian 12
Beef, vegetable, chorizo or vegetarian chorizo 13
Served with your choice of salsa, lettuce, cheese
Add guacamole
Fried Calamari, onions, jalapenos with smoked tomato tomatillo sauce 8
Crispy tortilla chips with guacamole and dos salsas

Avenida, 7402 Germantown Ave.; (267) 385-6857

What to Eat at Avenida, Opening December 17