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The Stakes Are High for Menton

Photo: Justin Ide

Oh hey, no pressure or anything, but people are basically staking the futures of both Fort Point and Barbara Lynch’s career on her forthcoming restaurant Menton, at least if an article in yesterday’s Globe is to be believed. Michael Krupp, of the shuttered Fort Point high-end restaurant Persephone, thinks that if Menton succeeds, Fort Point will finally solidify its place on Boston’s dining and shopping map.

But Lynch’s plan isn’t without risk. “She is betting the house on this,” claims former B&G; Oysters partner Garrett Harker. Even BL Gruppo investor Arnold Hiatt is unconvinced that Bostonians are ready to schlep to Fort Point to pay at least $150 a head for dinner: “Whether people come to Congress Street is a little optimistic. Barbara should not necessarily count on it.”

Regardless of their skepticism, everyone interviewed seems to agree on one thing: if anyone can make a tremendously expensive restaurant succeed in Fort Point, it’s Barbara Lynch. Do you think Menton will soar or fall? Will you be braving the prices to check it out?

The Gambler in the Kitchen [Globe]

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The Stakes Are High for Menton