The Other Critics

No Love for Kong; Terra a Refreshing Success

Kong gets another painful smackdown, this time from Adam Erace, who writes “As for the food, well, the fortune cookie was good. I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.” [Philadelphia Weekly]

• David Snyder is impressed with terra’s food and with chef Eric Paraskevas, who he says “has a hell of a creative streak. But what makes his cooking refreshing is the healthy way he approaches failure.” [City Paper]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack waits 18 days from opening to deliver a triple toque-r to Percy Street Barbecue. [South Philly Review]

PW’s Field Guide takes on the city’s top chicken wings. [Philadelphia Weekly]

• Trey Popp pays a visit to the Hub Bub Coffee Truck and finds himself powerless to resist its pastries. [City Paper]

• The New York Times gives a shout-out to Antoine Amrani Chocolates. [NYT]

No Love for Kong; Terra a Refreshing Success