The New Paris Sandwich May Just Be the Über–Bánh Mì Shop

Photo: Melissa Hom

The bánh mì trend is still going full force. Brownstoner gets wind of two new ones coming to Park Slope, and Midtown Lunch notices that Chicken House is now serving them. And, as anticipated, Paris Sandwich has now opened its second location, on Grand Street. Not a week into business, the place is already mobbed, and young owner Jimmy Ly tells us that he also has his hands full supplying bread to other bánh mì shops like An Choi. At this new location, he has switched to a deck oven (as opposed to the rotating one in the original shop) that allows him to bake crispier bread on stone, and he’s using it for new items such as pan de mie, pizza baguettes, and tomato-garlic-basil bread.

Also new here (presumably to appeal to the Little Chitaly tourists that haven’t gotten the memo that Vietnamese subs are the new black): American sandwiches made with Boar’s Head cold cuts. And yet another thing that distinguishes the place from those hole-in-the-walls around the corner: a station turning out crêpes similar to the ones Ly discovered during a recent trip to Japan (he says they’re slightly less sweet than French crêpes). Among other things, the griddle is producing what you might call a creamsicle crêpe. Check out the list below.

Our original crêpe recipe of fresh, juicy strawberries,
a hit of chocolate and a dollop of ice cream topped
with crunchy almonds and a generous helping
of whipped cream.
Take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of
crispy crêpes smothered in soft banana, fresh
juicy strawberries, ice cream and freshly
whipped cream.
Layers of banana covered in sticky maple syrup
adorn this freshly cooked crêpe, with a side of
ice cream and topped with fluffy whipped cream.
A tropical paradise awaits you within a freshly
cooked crêpe with banana and ice cream, drizzled
with chocolate sauce, coconut flakes and whipped cream.
Oranges over smooth
ice cream and topped with a swirl of whipped
cream dress this freshly cooked crêpe.

Take note: Until December 26, buy five of anything (whether it’s coffee or bánh mì), and get the sixth free. By the way, if you like the looks of the interior and want to go into business with Ly, give him a call. As you might guess from the new queuing system (when your order is ready, a sexy robot voice calls out your number), his goal is to turn this puppy into a franchise.

Paris Sandwich, 213 Grand St., nr. Mott St.; 212-226-3828

The New Paris Sandwich May Just Be the Über–Bánh Mì