The Lunch That Cures Your Hangover?

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Last night, Grub Street and New York Media celebrated the season with a holiday party at Macao Trading Co. But the damage was really done (at least to the online division) at the after-party danceathon at Naked Lunch, near NYM HQ. We polled our colleagues to find out what they ate today to calm their tremors. (Hair of the dog was not a work-friendly option, alas.) What do you suggest?

• Salad from downstairs [Soho Soup] with blue cheese and peppers. “I’m weird. I crave salads.”

• Cup of Noodles.

• Bacon, egg, and cheese, then turkey sandwich from ‘wichcraft. “Normally I get their grilled cheese with caramelized onions, but I felt like I needed a cheese break.”

• “I had a bacon, egg, and cheese the size of my face this morning.”

• “Coffee, a banana, and a total failure of a chicken-salad sandwich. Also, oysters (at a shoot). And Cape Cod Reduced Fat Chips.” [Wins award for most random assortment.]

• “A bagel and green tea. I ordered Thai for lunch but only ate two bites.”

• “Easy Mac [from the vending machine] after a failed attempt to go to Starbucks.”

• “Bacon cheeseburger delivered to home.”

• Peanut soup from Gourmet Garage and grapes.

• Turkey-avocado-bacon sandwich, potato-watercress soup, banana, and orange.

• “Could barely touch my grilled cheese.”

• “Toast. And a chocolate-covered marshmallow.”

• Vegetarian burrito from Chipotle, “although the walk up there kinda sucked.”

• Tomato-Parmesan soup and a slow-roasted pork sandwich from ’wichcraft. Apple juice.

• A soup from the vending machine this morning, a toasted chicken-salad sandwich, and a coconut water.

• “Ordered whole cheese pizza and Diet Coke at 10 a.m.”

• Chicken-noodle soup.

• “I ate a soup and a half-sandwich, and it so did not work. I need fries.”

• Burrito bowl from Chipotle.

Survey-taker: What did you eat today?
Paranoid Colleague: Do I smell?
(He had a leftover taco, by the way, and he’s still hungry.)

The Lunch That Cures Your Hangover?