Symphony/Siansa 8 Gets a Semi-Secret ‘Spake-Aisy’

Photo: Prohibited

Prohibited, a “secret” speakeasy, is in soft-open under Symphony 8 and Siansa 8, reports UrbanDaddy. Of course, since Prohibited has a Facebook page, it’s not exactly secret and, being affiliated with an Irish pub, it’s actually being called a “spake-aisy.” Nonetheless, any bar with a secret entrance (slide the bookshelf to the right of Symphony 8’s exit over and you’ll find a staircase) is pretty exciting. Though Prohibited’s menu hasn’t yet been fully set, chef Josh Davis tells us that it will feature some of the items from Symphony & Siansa’s menus, like the chicken and waffles, as well as some unique dishes like fried mac and cheese nuggets. The drinks will lean heavily on hard-to-find specialty liquors from Oregon’s Rogue Brewery, like hazelnut rum and pink gin.

Like New York’s ur-speakeasy Milk & Honey, Prohibited has a strict code of conduct with eleven provisions, including “Gentlemen: no brazen come-ons outside of your immediate party. If you must, ask the bartender to send her a drink on your tab and she will let the bartender know if its okay for you to join her” and “No bombs of any kind, this includes Jager Bombs, and don’t even think of asking the bartender for a Cosmo.” Unlike the super-exclusive Milk & Honey, however, Prohibited’s password will be readily accessible on the bar’s Facebook page. Prohibited officially opens on Thursday.

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Symphony/Siansa 8 Gets a Semi-Secret ‘Spake-Aisy’