Spinal Tapas Returns to Rock Barbecue

Photo: Spinal Tapas

Philadelphia Weekly chef-scribes Brian McManus and Tim McGinnis will host a second dinner on Saturday January 16 under the umbrella of their joint culinary venture Spinal Tapas. While the last event was a tribute to PW’s 50 Must-Eats issue, this time the dinner is “inspired by Texas barbecue.” Although McManus is now music editor of PW, the Houston native spent ten years cooking in Texas kitchens, so he knows of what he speaks. So what’s on the menu?

Here’s what’s on deck:

The menu will include dishes inspired by the regional variations of Texas barbecue such as chili con carne, Texas’ state dish; central Texas-style dry-rubbed 12 hour mesquite smoked brisket, the most famous of the Texas barbecue dishes; apple-brined hickory smoked pulled pork barbecue, popular in Eastern Texas; and barbacoa de cabrito tacos, tender goat with queso blanco, pickled red onion and fresh corn tortillas, a barbeque dish traditionally served in the borderland. In addition to the main courses, the event will include sides and dessert: frijoles a la charra, stewed pinto beans with chiles and the burnt tips of the brisket; collard greens with ham hocks, jalapeño corn bread, and fruit kolaches, a cobbler like dessert of central Texas. Wash it all down with a spiked sweet tea and a whole lot of High Life.

There are two seatings - 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. - of 16 people each. The dinner is $40, all-inclusive; tickets can be purchased online through Philly Kitchen Share’s website.

Philly Kitchen Share; 1514 South St.; 267-808-0729

Spinal Tapas Returns to Rock Barbecue