Sous Vide Is Made Simple; Sushi Robots Rise

• A Tokyo company is rolling out two new sushi-making robots: The Nigiri Maker and Maki Master. [Daily Breeze]

• The cold weather has Napa grape growers ecstatic for a good crop this spring. [Mercury News]

• A bottle of cognac from 1788 was sold at a Paris auction for over $40,000. [The Age]

• Possibly due to the price wars it helped start, Ralph’s parent company, Korger, is reporting a $875-million quarterly loss. [L.A. Times]

• Due to chilly weather in California, the price of lettuce is set to rise. [NYDN]

• Despite the enthusiasm of older collectors, very few young Americans are collecting beer cans. [WSJ]

• E.U. regulations on product names mean that cheese manufactured in Stilton, England cannot actually be called Stilton. [WSJ]

• Bagatelle, Norway’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, is closing due to internal feuding. [BBC]

• A new machine allows amateur cooks to do sous vide at home. [NYT]

Sous Vide Is Made Simple; Sushi Robots Rise