Slice’s Eight Great Pizzas

Motorino Pizza, just add meat.
Motorino Pizza, just add meat. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In a slideshow of his top eight pizzas of the year, Adam Kuban avoids controversy by dropping the word “best” from the title and refusing to rank his picks (boring!). You see, these are simply domestic pies that “continue to haunt my dreams,” and they are merely listed by chronological order of consumption, he explains.

He leaves off Di Fara, but other legendary pizzerias do make the cut: Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix for their Rosa (combining red onion, Parmigianno Reggiano, rosemary, and local pistachios), and Sally’s Apizza in New Haven for the plain tomato-and-Parmesan pie. In New York, Kuban fell for Motorino’s Brussels sprouts–and-pancetta pie and Pizzeria Veloce’s sausage squares. In Cali, try the sausage-and-onion pie at Emilia’s Pizzeria in Berkeley, California. For pizzerias aspiring to be included next year, Kuban shows a weakness for meat-topped varieties, especially those with sausage.

The Year That Was: Adam’s Top 8 Pizzas of 2009

Slice’s Eight Great Pizzas