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SF Bartenders Share Their Favorite Hangover Remedies

Mr. Speros at Twin Peaks Tavern
Mr. Speros at Twin Peaks Tavern Photo: Joey DeRuy

In honor of the alco-holidays, Grub Street San Francisco brings you some favorite hangover cures from bartenders around town. Here marks our holiday hiatus, so happy eating and drinking, everyone! And best wishes making it through the pounding headaches and queasiness of New Year’s Day 2010. Please refer to the advice below and we’ll be talking to you on January 4th.

Mr. Speros
Twin Peaks Tavern (17th and Castro)
“I recommend gin and ginger ale. Go light on the gin until you gauge the strength of the hangover.”

Emiley Ginn
The 500 Club
(17th and Guerrero)
“Whatever you drank last night. And a glass of water. Or Aleve D, actually. It’s time-released Aleve with psuedoephedrine. It’ll kick any hangover’s ass. Aside from that, hair of the dog.”

Carlos Yturria
(398 Hayes)
“A Michelada, made with Tecate, fresh lime juice, and a few dashes of Tabasco. I’m not a big fan of Clamato juice, but if someone asks for it, I’ll make it like that.”

High Tide
(600 Geary)
“Any spicy soup that makes you sweat. As well as a shot of whatever you drank that made you hungover in the first place.”

Duggan McDonnell
(580 Sutter)
“Red wine and chocolate. Seriously. I’m like a girl in PMS heat when it comes to hangovers… Plus Excedrin and water. I’ve also been known to drink a Kombucha… that shit works!”

Andy French
(199 Valencia)
“Here at the Zeitgeist, we’re known for our Bloody Marys, so I’d be a fool to say a Bloody Mary isn’t the best cure for a hangover. They’re a mix between breakfast and the real thing that’s going to cure you. Me personally, I’m a tequila drinker, but my cure for a hangover is a bike ride. You’ve got to get the poison out of your pores. You sweat, you go across the bridge, climb up Mt. Tam and you feel terrible but when you’re done you feel so much better.”

Joe Mathieson
Aunt Charlie’s Lounge
(133 Turk)
“A Bloody Mary. Make that two Bloody Marys.”

SF Bartenders Share Their Favorite Hangover Remedies