SubCulture Dining Finally Waves Goodbye

Photo: Courtesy SubCulture Dining

Russell Jackson, aka the Dissident Chef, plans to wrap up his long-running SubCulture Dining underground restaurant after its next dinner event — the annual Trufflepalooza — on Saturday, Dec. 12. He’s getting ready for the intense work of actually opening his long-planned Lafitte on Pier 5 early next year. Jackson signed a lease on the waterfront space way back in August 2008, but he’s been held up trying to get funding in the economic doldrums. He hasn’t lost hope, though. “This is a time of attrition when the idiots go out of business and the strong rise. … You have to be fearless,” he told the Business Times in March.

Unfortunately for fans of Subculture Dining, this Saturday’s event is nearly sold out (Nine tickets left. Get them while you can). Just for fun, though, here’s Jackson’s Harper’s Index-style rundown of the SCD, from his farewell SCD e-mail:

After 4 years of Service

Over 250+ Events

Over 3500 People properly Served

Over 5600 Bottles of Hooch

Over Thousands of Pass phrases

Over Hunderds of Secret Locations

Over 2250 Courses

Countless Napkins Folded, Chairs Hauled, Glasses polished

Over 20,000 Miles Traveled

2 guest chefs

and one Brinks and Mortar Restaurant Acquired…
SubCulture Dining Finally Waves Goodbye