Fressers Puts Pastrami on a Truck

Photo: Fresser’s Hot Pastrami

Since, ahem, we were called the best deli town in the U.S. this year and all, isn’t it about time we had a deli truck join the ever-swelling convoy? Well, if you want it or not, it’s coming, says Thrillist, with the launch of Fresser’s Hot Pastrami, preparing to circle the city soon with hot sandwiches, baked sweets, and diner-style sides.

According to its website, Fresser’s is betting on meats “roasted at home for hours” and steamed on the truck, local market matter, and a carefully considered layout for stacking ingredients. A daring gambit no matter the process in L.A., where hot sandwiches survive the passing of the decades or die in shame.

In addition to hot sammies, Fresser’s also serves pot roast, roast beef, and turkey bowls over “institutional mashed potatoes,” which couldn’t possibly mean “instant” given their online chatter about good ingredients. While you await actual neighborhood delis coming to replace the 7-11’s marring every corner, you can follow Fresser’s on Twitter as they get ready to hit the road.

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Fressers Puts Pastrami on a Truck