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Chef Steven Cameron Out at Noble American Cookery

Dining room at Noble
Dining room at Noble Photo: Noble

Steven Cameron sent us (and every other food writer in town) a very brief email this morning, letting us know that he is no longer the executive chef at Noble American Cookery: “This email is to notify you that I, of sound mind and by my decision only, resigned as Chef at Noble American Cookery, 2025 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA on October 15, 2009. Thank you.” We called Cameron to find out more and here’s what he told us.

“I have not been there since October 15 and I’m not in Philly presently. I’m doing some consulting work in New Jersey and I’m looking for an executive chef position here or anywhere nationally.”

When pressed for the reason for his abrupt resignation, Cameron said he couldn’t comment “at this time.” Perhaps it had something to do with the unflattering one bell review from Craig LaBan?

Cameron says his two sous chefs are still working at Noble and are “doing a great job.” We’re waiting to hear back from Noble owners Bruno Pouget and Todd Rodgers for clarification on who exactly has been and is in the kitchen

Update: Cameron emails again: “To clarify, I am still an equal partner and owner in Noble American Cookery with Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Pouget.”

Chef Steven Cameron Out at Noble American Cookery