Plan Your Own Locavore Wedding

Mylan and Griffin set a precedent.
Mylan and Griffin set a precedent. Photo: Winnie Au

When Willamsburg’s butcher-idol Tom Mylan wed Brooklyn Based–editor Annaliese Griffin, we called it the most hipstavore reception ever, and now B-Based wants to point you and your mate toward locally sourced bliss. The online publication hosts its first annual “Wedding Crashers” fair at the Bell House on January 9 from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There will be upwards of 30 vendors (with samples!), including Brooklyn Brewery, One Girl Cookies, and Added Value Farm, which will host events on Governor’s Island starting this spring in collaboration with iCi. Crashers is split into two $20 sessions, with different speakers and caterers appearing in each. During the 2-to-5-p.m. slot, Frankies Spuntino will debut new catering options from Prime Meats available at the start of 2010. All that’s left is to find a partner who loves local products as much as you.

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Plan Your Own Locavore Wedding