Padma Defrocks But Keeps Her Mouth Shut

Photo: Page Six Magazine

Padma Lakshmi is nude on the cover of Page Six Magazine today, but the savvy Top Chef host doesn’t reveal nearly as much in the accompanying interview. She will not divulge anything about her baby’s paternity and sticks to safe topics like the eventual demise of the show that made her famous — “these shows have a natural shelf life” — and how she prefers not to wear clothes, which she considers “adjectives” and “indicators.” The article is not online (the mag comes with today’s Post), but we’ve pulled a few good lines.

Former cheftestant Dale Talde, now at Buddakan: “It was completely distracting — there’s a lot of downtime … Who do you have to stare at: Tom or Padma. It’s a no-brainer, even for the gays.”

Padma recalls her shoot for Allure: “I gave up alcohol, and sweets, and fried foods — that was the hardest for me — for the three weeks before the shoot. And I was going to the gym five or six times a week for at least one and a half or two hours.”

Padma hints at future TV projects: “I already have one show that I do in front of the camera and another one in development. There’s only so much of me to go around. I also happen to be pregnant right now.”

Padma’s theory of relativity: “I’m sure my thighs looked better when I was 25, but I think my mind is better today.”

Padma Defrocks But Keeps Her Mouth Shut