Hangover Cures and Holiday Wishes


Oh hey! It’s freakin’ Christmas Eve Day and it’s time for Grub Street Philly to go bathe in some eggnog. It’s been a mighty busy six months since we launched way back in July and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you lovely folks for tuning in on a daily basis. We’re very grateful to all of you. We’ll be taking a break from right this second until Monday, January 4, returning recharged and committed to keeping our New Year’s resolution. While we’re gone, why don’t you check out the new and notable soups slideshow, or catch up on some features you may have missed, like the Philadelphia Diet, a food diary of local chefs and food fanatics, or Bartenders Bible, a series of conversations with our favorite barkeeps around town. There’s also our User’s Guide to New Year’s Eve. Related: we asked some bar folk for their top hangover remedies, should you need them while we’re away. Click through to read their healthy and hair-of-the-dog recommendations.

Jonn Klein, owner of The Dive: “I’ve always found two multivitamins and four extra-strength Tylenol gulped down with a big glass of tomato juice, or even better, V8, will soothe the savage beast that is the morning after.”

Stas Shectman, bartender at Cantina Los Caballitos: “A breakfast of grease, carbs and soda, followed by a bloody mary and a nap.”

Jeremy Thomson, bartender at The Khyber: “I highly recommend the “Get Outta Towner” sandwich at The Khyber. It’s a cheesesteak with two cheeses, bacon, a long hot, home fries (yes, on the sandwich) and a fried egg. Failing that, I say BONGHITS!”

Andy Farrell, formerly of Bridgids: “My hangover cure goes back college and guilty pleasures… KFC. Not sure what they put in those instant mashed potatoes, the gluey gravy or the Colonel’s secret spice blend, but it gets me back on my feet. Wash it down with a couple of Magners.”

Hangover Cures and Holiday Wishes