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Noble to Announce New Chef This Week

Dining room at Noble
Dining room at Noble Photo: Noble

The curious case of the resignation of Noble chef-partner Steven Cameron has not gotten any clearer after a publicist-issued statement from Noble’s other partners, Bruno Pouget and Todd Rodgers. To recap: we have a chef, who also a partner, who emails every food writer in Philly to announce that he has left his own restaurant “of sound mind and by my decision only,” six weeks after he already resigned, but won’t elaborate on the reasons. Judging from Pouget and Rodgers response, everyone wants to keep a tight lid on whatever really happened.

Their statement:

We accepted Steve Cameron’s resignation a few weeks ago. Our talented sous chefs, who have been with us from the start, have continued to prepare the menu at Noble. We will be announcing a new Executive Chef in the coming week.

Restaurants are notoriously turbulent businesses, but it’s rather unusual for a chef to depart from a restaurant where he has an ownership stake. Perhaps Cameron will be able to elaborate in the future, but in the meantime, we await the announcement of a new chef and wonder if he or she will continue to serve the burger topped with a chopped bacon patty?

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Noble to Announce New Chef This Week