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Top Chef Stars Napa’s Brix Tonight

Photo: Courtesy Brix

Tonight’s Top Chef episode continues the show’s jaunt to Wine Country, stopping by Brix restaurant in Napa. In typical fashion, details of the challenges and judges are very hush-hush, but we can glean a bit just from the location and some earlier information.

Brix is a wine shop as well as restaurant, and they’re in wine country, so it would stand to reason that the challenge will have something to do with wine and/or pairings, possibly in some kind of party situation. Remember, the cast members were spotted a few weeks ago bussing their own dishes, the Press Democrat noted. Brix is, of course, hyping its involvement by sending out uninformative photos (like this one) and a press release that doesn’t say much at all. “The party had all the elements of a true Napa Valley-style meal: wonderful food, well-made wine and great conversation,” said co-owner Valerie Kelleher Herzog. In the same release. Excutive chef Anne Gingrass-Paik was also at the shoot, according to the press release. “It was great fun to see the excitement on the chef’s faces as they shared their dishes with the guests and judges and their overall enthusiasm for their Top Chef experience.” So what’s on deck tonight? We’re going to put money on a sunset wine dinner or cocktail party for some Napa Valley bigwigs out on the veranda. Sounds delightful, no?

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Top Chef Stars Napa’s Brix Tonight