Mission Burger to Serve Breakfast at Noon

Photo: Chris Kronner

Mission Burger didn’t make friends out of any vegans when it canceled the vegan sandwich a while ago, and it won’t do so now with the introduction of a breakfast sandwich, but the rest of us are thrilled. The new sandwich, available from noon to 3 p.m. just like the rest of Mission Burger’s menu, is made with a griddled English muffin, Colonel Newsom’s country ham, slow-cooked mustard greens, poached eggs and Hollandaise, and served with deep-fried okra pickles for $8. It’s not offered to go because old Hollandaise sauce is gross. “If someone was dying and they promised to eat it right when they were walking away, we’d probably make it to go, but for now we haven’t been,” burger cook Danny Bowien told Grub Street. Also notable: A chicken sandwich has replaced the vegan burger on the regular Mission Burger menu. Take that, vegans.

Elsewhere in the Mission Street Food universe, tomorrow night’s dinner will feature an offal menu and an industry happy hour from 11 p.m. to midnight, with drink specials. Here’s the menu:

charcoal grilled tripe with preserved melon, salmon roe, sweet herbs, shallot pickles, bitter greens - $9

crispy sweetbreads with spicy scallop crudo, pear and elderflower soubise, pea leaves, white soy - $13

country-fried chicken livers with brussels spouts, buttermilk dressing - $7

roasted bone marrow with fresh dill, tomato toast - $7

seared beef tongue with blackened grits, spicy mustard greens, pickled anchovy - $9

trotter flatbread: ham hock rillette, cornichon, sauce gribiche, on a homemade flatbread - $6.5

foie gras sundae: vanilla ice cream, huckleberry compote, shaved foie, corn pops - $7
Mission Burger to Serve Breakfast at Noon