Michael Jordon Sues Grocery Stores; Mr. Fitness Sues Whole Foods

• Police are seeking the public’s help in finding Dawn Marie Viens, owner of Lomita’s Thyme Cafe, who has been missing since October. [Daily Breeze]

• A six-time Mr. World Fitness winner is suing Whole Foods, claiming he broke two teeth on one of their store-brand cereals. [Courthouse News]

• Newport Beach’s 71-year-old Balboa Village Market has been purchased, with possible plans to be demolished and turned into parking lots. [O.C. Register]

• Michael Jordan is suing two Chicago grocery stores for $10 million for using his photo in an ad without permission. [Yahoo! Sports]

• The ever-increasing popularity of oysters on restaurant menus (and the demand for variety therein) has lead to boom times for oyster farmers. [WSJ]

• A Texas woman called 911 last week to report that her husband refused to eat his dinner. [AP]

• Nestle has pulled out of Zimbabwe, claiming harassment after pulling out of a deal to buy milk from a farm owned by Robert Mugabe’s family. [NYT]

• Convenience and drug stores are staying open into the early hours of Christmas as they typically experience a sales boom for last minute gift items. [MSNBC]

• Cooking shows are doing gangbuster ratings. [USA Today]

• Bennigan’s founder Norman Brinker has died at 78. [Fork in the in the Road/VV]

Michael Jordon Sues Grocery Stores; Mr. Fitness Sues Whole Foods