Meritage Opens for Real at the Claremont

Photo: Courtesy Meritage

The dine-by-wine restaurant Meritage is now officially open in Berkeley’s Claremont resort. You may remember that the restaurant, which has been in soft opening for a while, organizes its menu according to what kind of wine customers feel like. If you haven’t stopped by for dinner in the soft opening, you may now do so officially. Meritage opened for business yesterday and is doing dinner Tuesday through Saturday and brunch on weekends (including that Sunday buffet). The plan is to expand to lunch in 2010, and introduce something called “vineyard to table” dinners, where wineries grow an ingredient on their property and the restaurant serves it in several dishes paired with wines from the same place. But we’ll get into all that later. The point is, Meritage is open.

Meritage, Claremont Resort, 41 Tunnel Rd., Nr. Claremont Ave., Berkeley 800-551-7266

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Meritage Opens for Real at the Claremont