Mangalitsa Mania

A fuzzy, delicious Mangalitsa.
A fuzzy, delicious Mangalitsa. Photo: Wikimedia commons

It’s been a scant few weeks since Mangalitsas, the fuzzy-furry pigs, were declared the new hotness, and the usual slew of pig-friendly chefs are hosting plenty of dinners featuring the breed.

First up is tonight’s at Vie, where Paul Virant is opening his kitchen to chefs Giuseppe Tentori of Boka, Ryan Poli of Perennial, and Stephanie Izard of the soon-to-open Girl and the Goat. Tomorrow night, the team of four will reprise the $100 menu (which includes everything from headcheese to an Asturian pork shoulder stew — check out the full menu over at the Food Chain) at Boka. But that’s not all!

Also tomorrow night, chef Pat Sheerin features the Mangalitsa in a $100 dinner at Signature Room at the 95th, and Monday the 21st the pig goes into Chris Pandel’s hands at The Bristol as part of a $125 dinner. If your schedule is harder to pin down, Mike Sheerin at Blackbird is offering cuts of the pig during regular dinner service through the month of January.

Mangalitsa Mania