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Last-Minute Lush Run

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In a perfect world, you’d be prepared to celebrate tonight. But let’s be honest: You’re as lazy as we are. For last-minute revelry needs, we’d suggest skipping Trader Joe’s Wine Shop, which will be as crowded as a cattle car with carousers buying Two-Buck Chuck. Instead, we propose these inexpensive alternatives for getting pie-eyed:

Old Overholt: Tonight is about quantity over quality. Still, why not savor both? This peppery rye whiskey is equally gentle on the tongue and the pocketbook. ($17.99, Warehouse Wines & Spirits, 735 Broadway, nr. Astor Pl.; 212-982-7770)

Sixpoint Redd: Whole Foods’ proprietary red ale is malty with a gentle hop kick and, at just 5 percent ABV, ideal for sipping into the wee hours. ($7.99 a 64-ounce growler, Whole Foods Market Bowery)

Gruet Brut: Though it’s not cheap enough to spray willy-nilly, this riotously carbonated sparkler from New Mexico blossoms with citrus and apple aromas. ($11.99, Union Square Wine & Spirits)

Colli Vicentin Cabernet Sauvignon: Instead of Yellowtail, try this easy-drinking Italian red that is bursting with black-currant flavors. ($3.99, Astor Wines & Spirits)

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Last-Minute Lush Run