Kawa Sushi Accuses ‘RUDE!!!’ and ‘NASTY!!!’ Deliveryman of Blackmail

Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s usually employees that accuse managers of misdoings (see the recent case against Anne Burrell), but Kawa Sushi in the West Village has posted a sign publicly shaming its former delivery manager, one Tian Wen Ye. The restaurant accuses Ye of asking customers for more tips, fighting with colleagues during business hours (an offense he was apparently fired for in March of 2007), stealing tips from other deliverymen, and hiring friends and family members who “didn’t do their job well” and instead hung out at Starbucks with a “bad attitude.”

After Tian Wen Ye was hired back, he supposedly “started chaos in Kawa Sushi. “He tried to encourage on the staffs to beat the kitchen chef.” Police were called, but somehow Ye held onto his job until October 2009, when he was fired “because he REFUSED to make delivery,” according to the letter. The letter insists “We paid Ye Tian Wen Fair Labor Condition U$ 4.85/hour + tips,” and urges customers “not to fall for Tian Wen Ye’s schemes,” which are said to have included a threat to blackmail the restaurant for $20,000. Actually, you should just go ahead and read it yourself here, since the effect of the damning thumbs-down drawings cannot be put into words.

Kawa Sushi Accuses ‘RUDE!!!’ and ‘NASTY!!!’ Deliveryman