In Search of Chicago’s Best Breakfast Burrito

Surely you can do better than this?
Surely you can do better than this? Photo: Marshall Astor - food pornographer/Flickr

With all the brunch resurgence we’re seeing in town these days, there’s no shortage of top-tier pancakes, A-list French toast, fluffy omelettes, crisp hangover salads, and bacon-studded whatever. But whither the jaw-droppingly perfect breakfast burrito? Our pal Carly at the Chicago Brunch Blog wonders just that: “For every menu featuring jazzed up pancakes and killer breakfast sandwiches,” she writes, “there’s a lackluster breakfast burrito to ruin my weekend and my life.” So she’s taking the pro-active approach, and throwing down the gauntlet.

Like all good contests, there are rules. Four, to be precise, and they are the official criteria to which all breakfast burritos must adhere:

1. It must be encased in a tortilla. Corn or flour base only, but other spices and ingredients are acceptable. And none of this tostada bullshit. This is a burrito, so it better be encased.

2. Must contain eggs or egg-substitute. The key word is “breakfast” here.

3. While we’re at it, a meat or meat-substitute should also be included.

4. Must include sauce, including a side of dipping sauce. Chicagoans have an undeniable love of sauce.

We admit that we are partial to a breakfast burrito now and again, so this challenge strikes us on a particularly personal level. Do you, chefs of Chicago, have it in you to make the best breakfast burrito in town?

One Divine Breakfast Burrito [Chicago Brunch Blog]

In Search of Chicago’s Best Breakfast Burrito