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Hermione Granger Hits Harvard Square

This week, Emma Watson (better known as Hermione Granger) paid a visit to Cambridge from Brown, where she is a first year. Did she take in the sights of Harvard and marvel at their similarities to Hogwarts? Did she puzzle over how, if you squint your eyes, a Crimson scarf looks an awful lot like the Gryffindor ones she sports in the Harry Potter films? We have no way of knowing. What we do know is that she dined in Upstairs on the Square’s Monday Club!

The Estate: Bruins David Krejci and Vladimir Sobotka partied down. [Names/Globe]

Legal Sea Foods: Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan showed his food who was in control. [Inside Track/Herald]

UpStairs on the Square: Emma Watson dined with friends. Somehow, we doubt she took the Commuter Rail down from Providence. [Inside Track/Herald]

Hermione Granger Hits Harvard Square