Have Cupcakes Entered the Testoster-zone?

Is this the day when cupcakes became the new hot wings? Eh, probably not, but it’s worth noting that daily dudes-letter, UrbanDaddy, in its most who-slipped-them-a-roofie pick since Sweetiepie, is recommending that guys add Red Velvet Lounge (the cupcake-and-cocktails lounge we told you about earlier) to their “arsenal.” Even nuttier, Fork in the Road brings news of Butch Bakery, a delivery service launched by a former Wall Street guy that takes a “masculine approach.”

Each Butch cupcake is topped with a chocolate disk in one of six designs: Woodland Camo, Wood Grain, Houndstooth, Plaid, Checkerboard, or Marble. They come in such macho flavors as rum-soaked Madagascar vanilla cake with cola Bavarian cream (The Rum & Coke!) and maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and bacon bits.”

Camouflage cupcakes? Really? Before this goes any further, let’s remember what cupcakes are all about. Please turn your attention to this puppy bathing in cupcake batter.

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Have Cupcakes Entered the Testoster-zone?