Hatfield’s Discusses ‘Why Your Twitter Might Suck’

We’re looking forward to the reopening of Hatfield’s, which is still scheduled for the first day of 2010. Before we get another bite of Karen and Quinn’s cooking though, we’ve been enjoying the tastes and insight offered on the couple’s Twitter page. This past weekend, the Two Hatfields started a “Your Twitter Might Suck….. IF” page to let their followers in on the trends currently irking today’s wired restaurateur. The discussion has conjured enthusiasm from a few food bloggers, chef Neal Fraser, and Petrossian, as well as a little diss to the food truck scene. So what are the signs your Twitter might suck, according to Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield? Find three of our favorites below and join in here:

Your Twitter Might Suck……

“If your Publicist set up your Twitter account- and does your updates…”

“If your tweets alternate between “Self Promoting Links” and “Tonight’s Specials…”

“If the only purpose of your Twitter account is to state the whereabouts of your Asian Latin Food Truck…”


Your Twitter Might Suck…If

Hatfield’s Discusses ‘Why Your Twitter Might Suck’