Ghosts of Soho Restaurants Past: Tailor, Lola, and the Mott

Lola went shopping at Home Depot?
Lola went shopping at Home Depot? Photo: Daniel Maurer

Eater notices that Tailor’s bar room has been closed of late, and a call to the restaurant reveals that the phone has been disconnected. The line has been dead before owing to payment snafus (the restaurant has filed for Chapter 11, after all), so this may not necessarily be the end — but it sure looks like it. Meanwhile, a block away, another mystery is vexing us: Lola (another Chapter 11 victim) closed back in January, yet its lights have remained on pretty much every night since then. Not just the illuminated sign outside (where a good-bye message from the owners is still posted), but also inside, where the tables are still eerily set. Though we haven’t seen a single soul inside of the restaurant, or any other signs of life, in almost a year.

We thought this might be some sort of tribute in light, or an act of defiance against the landlord, who had threatened to evict the restaurant if it didn’t pay more than $100,000 in back rent. But yesterday we peeked in and saw some Christmas balls set up in the windows and a Home Depot bag resting on a chair. It was like that scene in The Shining where the Overlook’s bar comes alive! So creepy. Perhaps the space is being used for the occasional private party? We’ve put in an e-mail to the owners to find out just what’s up and who’s paying for all that electricity. In this age of going green, somebody needs to turn off those lights …

Finally, a little bit east of Soho, the Mott, which “temporarily closed” in October, is still dark. The number, however, still works, and a message says they serve dinner seven days a week.

Ghosts of Soho Restaurants Past: Tailor, Lola, and the Mott