Fuego Recalls Havana For New Year’s Party

Havana's Hotel Nacional
Havana’s Hotel Nacional Photo: Hadley Tomicki via

To ring in the New Year, Fuego at Hotel Maya in Long Beach is throwing the type of 50’s-era Cuban rager that lead to the island’s revolt in the first place. The Havana Nights party starts with two seatings for four and five-course prix-fixe menus created by Chef Jesse Perez.

The food isn’t specifically Cuban, but reflects a South American unification that would please a certain Argentine revolutionary we know in dishes like five-spiced lobster and Peruvian sweet potato ‘sope’ with chipotle lobster broth and crema Mexicana. This will all take place on the waterfront while a band and DJ play over dinner. Afterwards, Fuego heats up with a party that welcomes 2010, with tunes by Orange County’s Venus Infers and DJ Goldfinger. Details and Fuego’s four-course Havana Nights dinner menu is below. Reservations at 562-481-3900.

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Fuego

First Seating - $55 for four courses, plus $20 for wine pairings

Second Seating - $75 for five courses, plus $25 for wine pairings

The party, which starts at 9 p.m., is $60, $100 per couple before December 15th

Fuego’s Four Course New Year’s Menu

Chipotle-Lobster Bisque with Sweet Corn Pudding and Roasted Jalapeños

Five-Spiced Lobster and Peruvian Sweet Potato ‘Sope’ with Creamy Chipotle Lobster Broth and Mexicana Crema

Three Chile Spiced Filet of Argentine Beef with Wild Mushroom Ragout, Black Truffle Shavings, and Long Lost Mole of Oaxaca

Banana-Rum Mexican Chocolate Souffle with Dulce de Leche Glaze, Pepita Florentine, and Warm Dark Rum.

Fuego Recalls Havana For New Year’s Party