Fresno Beef Recalled; Cargill Sued

• A Fresno beef company has recalled ground beef for the second time this year, due to salmonella concerns. [USA Today]

• Wine bar Dell’Uva will have to wait til next week for a vote on whether it can have a permit for live music. [SF Examiner]

• Monterey County is the latest to consider banning plastic foam takeout containers. [Public CEO]

• A woman is suing major food company Cargill after eating a hamburger tainted with E. coli. [NYT]

• College Inn’s No MSG Chicken Broth has been recalled because it does, in fact, contain MSG, in addition to an undisclosed wheat allergen. [NYP]

• Some Australians are unhappy about proposed emu and kangaroo flavored potato chips. [NYDN]

Fresno Beef Recalled; Cargill Sued