First Look at Smuggler’s Cove: Tiki Bonanza!

Photo: Courtesy Trader Tiki

The doors of the much-anticipated Smuggler’s Cove finally budged last night, and while it’s not open to the general public yet (that’s for next Tuesday), Martin Cate invited the next-best thing: A cadre of camera-toting bloggers and journalists. Read on for some tantalizing descriptions and a video walkthrough, courtesy of Trader Tiki.

To begin with, Eater has the rundown on the space: “The basic, three-tiered skeleton of the former Jade Bar remains the same, with bars on two levels, but every nook and cranny in the space has been decked out in every way possible, from the waterfall to the various trinkets that Cate has been collecting for years (sidenote: for those wondering, the one-way mirror in the bathroom is gone).”

Meanwhile, over at Married… with dinner, they assess the drinks: “Speaking of well-made cocktails, there were many to sample last night. A favorite of many guests, the Chadburn — rum, tawny port, pear liqueur, and a dash of Xocolatl Mole Bitters — takes its name from the gizmo that telegraphs changes in speed from the ship’s bridge to the engine room. The Hotel Nacional Special, which made its debut in 1939’s Gentleman’s Companion, combines pineapple, silver rum, apricot liqueur, and lime. Three more drinks — the frothy Cora Middleton, a spicy Three Dots and a Dash highball, and the island standby of J Wray & Ting — rounded out the night’s abbreviated menu.”

If you can’t stand to wait until next Tuesday, you may get lucky scoring tickets to one of this weekend’s soft opening parties through the Smuggler’s Cove Facebook page, where we’ve seen some available from people who couldn’t make it. Otherwise, it’s going to be an excruciating, five-day wait.

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First Look at Smuggler’s Cove: Tiki Bonanza!