South, Pickles Closing in End-Of-Year Crash

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With today’s news that South and Pickles are both done for, we’re reminded that the end of 2009 hasn’t been kind to some high-profile restaurants. According to Scoop, South owner Anna Weinberg plans to close after service on Dec. 19, with a view toward reopening with a new concept in February. Meanwhile, Pickles is closed while owner Robin Duffy, widow of Tom Duffy (who once owned Myth as well) tries to sell the burger joint.

There have been a few other surprise closure announcements this season, including Traci Des Jardins’ plans to close and restructure Acme Chophouse, David Gingrass’s shuttering of TWO, and the hasty closure and sale of Restaurant Eloise up in Sebastapol. And don’t forget, the Carnelian Room won’t stay open into 2010. While there have been many hopeful openings this year, especially in recent months (Smuggler’s Cove, Baker and Banker, Frances), it’s worth remembering that we’re not out of the economic doldrums just yet. If there’s a restaurant you love, you may want to pay it a visit just to help with a bit of cash.

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South, Pickles Closing in End-Of-Year Crash