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Eldridge’s Matt Levine Tells Cast of Jersey Shore to Fist-Pump Elsewhere

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

Now that it’s fa-fa-freezing out, the cast of Jersey Shore doesn’t have Karma or Bamboo to throw down in anymore, so, according to “Page Six,” they offered to lend their six packs and boob jobs to the Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken for $10,000, and were politely turned down. Says P6’s source, “They keep turning up at places like Marquee and Tenjune and the Eldridge for free, so why pay?” While it’s true that the Situation, Snooki, et al., graced Marquee with their presence (as confirmed by owner Jason Strauss’s Twitter), Matt Levine of the ‘dridge e-mails to tell us they’ve never been to the Eldridge, and never will be.

Contrary to today’s Pagesix mention, The Cast of The Jersey Shore, has never stepped foot into The Eldridge, ever. Very odd item, a lie. I am sure the cast members are great people, and they obviously enjoy their “fist pumping”, but they have never had the chance or opportunity to “first pump,” or ever will, at The Eldridge. I wish them enjoyable nights out, and good times in 2010, just not at The Eldridge.

Looks like they’ll have to make do pounding Ronnie juice at home. Then again, Levine doesn’t say anything about his other home base, the Hotel on Rivington. So, go for it kids — that the place does have a rooftop jacuzzi.

Eldridge’s Matt Levine Tells Cast of Jersey Shore to Fist-Pump