Cupcake-and-Cocktail Pairings at Red Velvet Lounge

Espresso martini, espresso cupcakes.
Espresso martini, espresso cupcakes. Photo: Jolie Ruben/TONY

No one mentioned cupcakes in their 2010 trends, but they’re not going away. At Red Velvet Lounge, which opened last Friday, “the idea is simple: Take mini booze-soaked cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, and pair them with drinks from mixologist Charlotte Voisey,” says the Feed. Playing to the female delusion that tiny cakes have negligible calories and can be consumed with wild abandon, each cocktail comes with four minis. Check out the menu, with drink recipes, below. Apple martinis are back, too.

Red Velvet Lounge Menu [PDF]

Red Velvet Lounge, 174 Rivington St., nr. Clinton St.; 212-673-5020

Cupcake-and-Cocktail Pairings at Red Velvet Lounge