What to Eat at Cuna, Opening … Soon?

When last we checked in with Kendal Duque about Cuna, the loungey, soon-to-open Lakewater restaurant for which he’s the consulting chef, he pointed out that the menu that was live on the restaurant’s website was an awfully out of date summer edition. For winter, he promised us a smoky duck pasta, braised pork cheeks, and a sandwich of “long-smoked pork belly that we’ll then braise in the oven for five or six hours hours” that’s then shredded like pulled pork. As Cuna reaches the final weeks before its opening date (there are still some permits to be filed and paperwork to finish), Duque’s released his opening menu, and he’s made good on all those promises, and added some more flourishes like a selection of flatbreads and a beef short rib-spiked onion soup. Read on for the full menu:

flat breads

wild mushrooms and roasted garlic

sausage, grape, goat cheese and fontina cheese

braised lamb shoulder, green olives and caramelized onions

soup and salads
cauliflower and potato soup with smoked trout
onion soup with beef short ribs and gruyere cheese
charred calamari and arugula with chorizo and olive vinaigrette
mixed lettuces and acorn squash with lemon-shallot vinaigrette

small bites
baby octopus with endive, orange and pine nuts
pork and beef lumpia with garlic dipping sauce
roasted sea scallops with wild mushroom, celery root and cashew vinaigrette
soy braised pork belly mini sandwiches with cabbage and sriracha aioli
whole wheat pasta ribbons with smoked duck breast, broccolini and parmigiano
butternut squash risotto with wild mushrooms, sage and prosciutto
crisp market potatoes and caramelized brussels sprouts with lemon-rosemary aioli

big bites
skate wing with collard greens, bacon and grape-pine nut sauce
berkshire pork loin kabobs with apples and arugula
grilled amish chicken with acorn squash, lentils and ham
whole wheat pasta with smoked duck breast, carrots and kale
braised pork cheeks with creamy mascarpone polenta and black kale
bison burger with gorgonzola and sweet potato chips
crisp cauliflower with eggplant puree and golden raisin-hazelnut vinaigrette

chocolate and port pudding with black peppercorn wafers
panna cotta
apple and walnut bread pudding with kilo kai rum and caramel ice cream

Update: This post originally listed Cuna’s opening date as January 4. The restaurant assures us that while that date is incorrect, the opening date is coming soon.

What to Eat at Cuna, Opening … Soon?