The Other Critics

City Table Needs a Change; Pairings ‘A Work in Progress’

Photo: City Table

• Devra First gives a star and a half to City Table. For a place branding itself as a “neighborhood eatery”, it sure seems to be catering more to business workers. [Globe]

Pairings gets two stars from Robert Nadeau. “While some of [chef Bobby] Bean’s dishes are visually arresting and delicious, others are experiments gone wrong, and/or visually almost comical.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig stops by Lord Hobo and bestows upon it four stars. “In all, the wait was worth it—the interior is beautiful, the beer list I dare say is the best in the city for variety, all paired with excellent food.” [Weekly Dig]

• Cheap Eats pays a visit to Basta Pasta Enoteca in Quincy and finds great pizza and pasta in a room that’s a little too loud. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB finally visits Fordee’s Falafel and Deli in Watertown where, despite the Irish name, great Lebanese fare comes out of the kitchen. How good? Well, it “might be the best falafel in Greater Boston.” [Phoenix]

City Table Needs a Change; Pairings ‘A Work in Progress’