Chopped Contestant Decked; Derek Jeter’s Delivery Drama

Chopped contestant Cody Utzman was punched during the opening of his restaurant Papacitos in Greenpoint this weekend. [NYP]

• A hostess from Nino’s Positano tagged along on a delivery to Derek Jeter’s apartment and tried to get the doorman to let her upstairs. [NYDN]

• Though smoking is banned in bars in 26 states, bar owners nationwide say it’s simply good business to ignore the bans. [USAT]

• With oysters becoming more prevalent on restaurant menus, growers are borrowing words like “zesty” and “full-bodied” from winemakers to describe them. [WSJ]

• Starting in January, KitKat bars in the United Kingdom will be made with fair-trade chocolate. [WSJ]

• Tiger Woods loves eating at Perkins! [Epi-Log/Epicurious]

• Brooklyn fish distributor M. Slavin and Sons is facing a lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who alleges that black male employees at the company were subjected to harassment. [City Room/NYT]

Chopped Contestant Decked; Derek Jeter’s Delivery Drama