Bobby Flay Burger Palace Coming to Penn?

Photo: Mohegan Sun

Ready for more burgers? The Bobby Flay Burger Palace opening-in-Philly-rumor that has been floating around for close to year is back with a vengeance, this time with confirmation from Bobby Flay himself. In an interview, Flay said he’s close to signing a deal for the fifth Burger Palace location and drops this clue: “all I can tell you is the next one is going to be in the state of Pennsylvania on the grounds of a university.” That would be the University of Pennsylvania, if our intel is correct. Where exactly might it go?

We’ve heard Flay has been looking in University City, specifically at a space next door to a Chipotle in the Radian Building, which also houses a branch of Capogiro Gelato and is soon to be home to a mega beer bar City Tap House. We’re waiting to hear back from Flay’s rep for official confirmation and we’ll let you know when we do. In the meantime, we hope PYT’s Tommy Up is readying some beefy twittersmackdowns for his potential new burger nemesis.

Interview with Chef Bobby Flay [Examiner via Eater National]

Bobby Flay Burger Palace Coming to Penn?