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Bitters and Burgers: Local Bartenders Share Their Hangover Cures

Photo: Kevin Briody

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, bringing with it merriment, making out at midnight, and, oh yeah, a near-inevitable hangover on New Year’s Day. Fortunately, we’ve got the cure, straight from the mouths of six local bartenders who know a thing or two about the subject. Enjoy and have a happy holiday week! We’re out next week, but we’ll see you on Monday, January 4: relaxed, rejuvenated and, thanks to these tips, hangover-free.

Suzi Samowki, Bukowski’s Tavern
“We’ve got a Hangover Burger on the menu that does the trick: bacon, cheddar, a fried egg and chipotle mayo.”

Drew Kilmer, Coda
“The thing I like to do is this: combine a half ounce of bitters with a half ounce of orange juice and a splash of soda, all over ice. I shit you not, a half hour later, you’re feeling so much better.”

Megan Belair, Dillon’s
“I need a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs over easy, and white toast. And a mimosa. Always a mimosa.”

Katiey Lord, Lir
“I like Magners over ice. It’s all about hair of the dog.”

Ashley Licker, The Pour House
“You gotta try the Rejuvenator. Three Olives Mango, Red Bull, and Gatorade, more Gatorade than Red Bull. Some people swear by the Bloody Mary, but I don’t like it.”

Holly Weinstein, Whiskey’s
“I swear by a Bloody Mary. I like ‘em spicy, so add more Tabasco and more horseradish. The tomato juice just kills the hangover.”

Bitters and Burgers: Local Bartenders Share Their Hangover Cures