Hangover Cures

Holiday Hangover Cures From NYC Bartenders

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Last week, we brought you our personal favorite lunches for nursing a hangover. But as we enter the peak of holiday merrymaking, we thought we should turn to professionals for some hangover cures, especially since “toast and a chocolate covered marshmallow” probably doesn’t work for everyone. After all, hangovers are pretty serious — CNN recently reported that hangovers cost U.S. businesses $148 billion in lost productivity each year. We can’t promise guaranteed results for the methods below, but as we sign off for a day or so (See you Monday! Happy holidays!) we do plan on trying a few of them out over the next week.

Lana Kalaitzis, Village Pourhouse: “Coconut water. It’s like babies’ tears and angel feathers. If you wake up hungover and you take two aspirin and 11 ounces of coconut water, you can do anything — you can save the world. It has more electrolytes than Gatorade and it hydrates you better than water does. If you don’t have coconut water, take really, really cold passion-fruit pur
e, cayenne pepper, and a little bit of lime juice. It’s pretty disgusting. It might just work because it’s so awful that you forget you’re hungover.”

Patrick Kitson, Mad River Bar & Grille: “Keep drinking in the morning. Otherwise, I try to prevent it the night before by pounding a gallon of water before I go to bed, with a Tylenol.”

Bill Ottinger, Turtle Bay Grill & Lounge: “To rehydrate, Champagne with a little bit of orange juice, for nutritional value. Another good option is beer with a little Bloody Mary mix. You’re going through alcohol withdrawal, so it helps you deal with that.”

Deedee Patton, Bowery Electric: “Definitely Tylenol, comfy clothes, Bloody Marys, and French toast with friends reminiscing about the night before. That’s what I’m doing after New Year’s.”

Michael Asch, Down the Hatch and Jake’s Dilemma: “Besides aspirin and a glass of water, I like Code Blue recovery drink. It has triple the electrolytes of Gatorade, an anti-inflammatory, and vitamin B, which is what they give you a shot of when you have alcohol poisoning. It’s like Gatorade on steroids. It’s the closest thing that I’ve ever experienced to truly curing a hangover. Hydrating yourself in any way definitely helps, but this helps get the crap out. We sell a lot of them at early Saturday and Sunday football games. Some people will mix it with vodka, too.”

Catherine Grennan, MJ Armstrong’s: “I generally do the Bloody Mary and a side of beer, a Bass, just to rehydrate. Hair of the dog, that’ll cure you.”

Christina Morales, SideBar: “Jameson with lemon. It works every time. Otherwise, coffee and Red Bull.”

Holiday Hangover Cures From NYC Bartenders