Bacon Makes Its Way Into Martinis and Apple Pies

Bacon apple pie
Bacon apple pie Photo: Miss Karen via Flickr

Oh bacon, when will you stop perverting our classics? The latest mutation of everyone’s favorite breakfast porker comes from Allston Yacht Club, who The L.A. Times reports has a new “Bacon and Eggs Martini.” Introduced at the restaurant’s new brunch, the drink comes with house-blended, bacon-infused vodka and a pickled quail’s egg and has been so popular, it has made its way beyond to be paired with pork belly and cheese platters. We don’t recommend this one for hangovers, however.

Considerably less retch-worthy, Pat Saperstein of Eating L.A. got in on the act at this weekend’s Blogger bake sale, enlisting her little ones to help prepare an apple pie layered with bacon. Apparently, this too, was so popular a man bought the entire thing. It seems there’s still nothing bacon can’t influence today and no shortage of people who adore it.

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Bacon Makes Its Way Into Martinis and Apple Pies